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How hell a way to earn money online? .there are hundreds of thousands million a way to earn money on Internet . if you do not believe it, trying to search on google from one sentence" how to making money online " there are 490 million websites . . yet from another keywords.

There are several categories which became a trend program for earning money online  :

1. PTC ( Paid to Click ) : This program usually free , we are paid per click ads that are there . .its amount depends on his company . one of his examples NeoBux.

2. PTS ( Paid to Survey ) :This program usually free, we paid when we finish survey , usually there are several requirements,start from age, income, occupation, even countries.

3. PTS ( Paid to Surf ) :The program is also free, we paid each browsing with limited time, you can search on google for examples

4. Affiliate E-book : This program is not free, we are required to buy ebook, which we can sell back.

5. Affiliate : This program is free, but we are required to have our own website / blog before we can follow this program . .we'll be told to advertise products of companies that we get the cooperation, the example is Amazon

6. AdSense : This Program is also free,but some as affiliate we are required to have our own blog / website to put up ads,e will be paid every someone clicks on ads that we put it . . examples : Google AdSense , Bidvertiser , Adsensecamp , Adbrite , etc

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