How To Get Approved Google AdSense

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Google Adsense now issued a new regulations in which we are required to to have our own TLD / Top Level Domain, is quite inconvenient for of us who want to apply for google adsense use blogging sites like blogspot. I've tried several times to register google adsense account with  blogspot domain example: all rejected by Google

Actually there are several ways to accepted by google with or without using TLD

1. Buying a domain name extension such as .com / .net / .info (TLD = Top Level Domain). . to do this of course we have to spend money, but I think this is necessary especially if we have the intention to become a full time internet marketer. have at least one domain above, after the application is received we can put Google Adsense on a blog that we want.

2. This trick can be done by those who do not have a TLD domain. Register new account in Gmail, then register on the social networking site owned by india . several conditions must be done in order to register an account at adsense through this site is:

  • Your profile on indyarocks should be atleast 50% complete.
  • You should upload a Profile Photo.
  • You should upload minimum 10 photos and their privacy must be set to everyone.
  • You should post minimum 2 blogs and their privacy must be set to everyone.

3. This another Trick is to register at , then follow this guide

  • Fill in all data including your email is valid (use the new gmail to register)
  • Click "I'd like to Set up an Adsense Account"
  • Fill in all data with complete and submit, your name must match data with the name of the ID card to be able  to withdraw money from google.
  • Klik "My Profile" at the top
  • Click "Update Profile" and fill it with data in completely accordance to your profile. Make a complete profile of 100% at any cost, such as jobs, blogs and some other author wrote. But remember the name, mobile number and address must be valid . The more complete your data will be more easily approved by google adsense.
  • Find the file. doc or pdf on your computer and upload. If you do not have an article or a pdf file could be looking for free from google search. How access to and then search to the word keyword such as "free articles, free e-books, etc. If you have found so please be downloaded and saved on your computer in the form of DOC or PDF files I suggest you write it on  english language, then you can upload to
  • Click the Upload tab and upload your files at least 2
  • You will receive an email from Google and Docstoc. Click the link in the email from google and you fill in all the exact same information to your data on docstoc. You also have to click "Yes, Allow to access my account.
  • Fill in payee name data to your full name as ID cards, also your address correctly and is valid also in accordance to that loaded on docstoc
  • Wait for the process of approval from Adsense which is usually within 1-2 days to a week 'I own just one day ". Later, you will get an email if it has been approved by Adsense. Once approved then you already have an account adsense and no longer need docstoc account. Adsense pub id is attached to your results will be shared docstoc two, 50 for you and 50 for docstoc , but if you put adsense on your blog, it's sure you own 100% your Adsense revenue.

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Andreas said...

Nice info sob..
thk infonya..:D


♣ lily ♣ said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog!

i just wanna ask if this trick still works?
I applied for an adsense account and was denied 3times :(

blog-us said...

@ lily try it lily its work for me ^_^

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