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Are you unemployed ? are you a student? or employees who want to have free time for my wife and kids but still want to earn? .want to get a job from one of the largest companies in the world? . try one of the jobs offered by Google to everyone who has a website / blog. .if you don't have a web / blog makes it immediately. how can be viewed here how to create website / blog

after you have a blog / website. . follow some of the following ways :

1. Do post on the blog / your website as much as 5 articles, more is better. and who should be in mind is the article that you create must be unique or it's really your own articles without a trace of what is on the internet
and do this activity continuously at least 3 times a week.

2. Sign up in Google Adsense . . fill all the forms there with a complete and correctly, because google will pay Your money via check directly to your home.

3. Start promoting your website in forums, facebook, twitter, and blogwalking each time you online. . do these things routinely while learning how to optimize your adsense

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Kholil Al Qusyairi said...

mksih ya!!
jadi ingin masuk GA juga ne....!!
o y kunjungi balik ya ke
follow juga
sekalian aku juga follow di blogmu sobat

Jona said...

thanks for the visit :D
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