How to get real Traffic to Your Website

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Real traffic here means someone who is looking for and need information which is in our website . . usually real traffic will continue to come to our website because they think that our website in accordance with what they are looking

So How to get real traffic to your website? You can find more answer for this question.

1) Make good content which is related your keywords

2) Make more comments in blogs while you blogwalking

3) look for forums that related to your website (Put your link in Signature)

4) Add your url in Free web directories

5) Make  several blog with same topic with your website and post review of your website there

Another Real visitor from your website comes from 2 major sources , Search engine, and articles

Search Engines

It's no secret that more real visitor traffic comes from being listed on the first two pages of major search engines. Getting your website listed on those first two pages is not impossible. The key to accomplishing this is to determine what your audience would be looking to find and how they would type in a phrase to find you. If you’re selling socks, what would a potential customer type in a search engine? "Socks" or "white ankle cut socks", you need to focus on how a customer thinks and what they would type for their search. Now with this in mind, you need to build your page title to reflect exactly what your customer will type for their search and this will do wonders for how the search engines find you. Also add phrases to your keyword list in your meta tags.


Real Visitors to your website also can be achieved through article writing. Articles if you haven't noticed are shared with other websites for several reasons. When you write an article and submit it to a free article site, you are giving permission for other webmasters to pick up your article and add it to their content for greater depth within their own website. Greater content depth tells search engines that you have more to say on a particular subject and you rate a higher listing within their search engine. Bang! Your website moves up on the listings! Content is critical to your website traffic.

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