How To Create Blog and Website

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before we create a website, There was good once we Determine what kind of website that we will create, determine the themes that we will take, whether ordinary personal blog or commercial site, after that set the Themes, what will be discussed on the website, highly recommended that we create a website that according to our hobby or skill, This meant that when we make a post we do not need to find material on the internet,It will be the value on the articles we write, because the articles that we make unique / different from other, The second reason is so that we can be more relaxed in writing articles, writing articles can be something fun and done without any burden,

after determining the theme. .
Register at blogspot ( famous blogging place )

its pretty easy step, just fill the registration form. .
after that we will be asked to choose a domain name that we will use as the name of our blog example . blablabla is the name we choose

before we start doing the post, do some setting on our blog template, so our blog will look more attractive,but not too much to add the widget on our blog, because it will reduce the performance of our blog, to see examples of frequently used widgets, do blogwalking  to other people blogs, so that we can know what widgets are we going to use

actually the most effective way in learning to create a blog is learning by doing, because if we only collect the theory without practice, it's useless , after all the old adage says, experience is the best teacher,

so start blogging from now, don't be afraid to fail because human always failed, ask someone for help im sure they will help ^_^. . 

leave a comment here or can ask uncle google if there is something you dont understand ^ _ ^

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